May 2023 AMPC Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Thursday 18th May 2023 at 7.50 pm (following APM for Harmston)

Present Title Role
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr Brian Hamilton Parish Councillor  
Cllr Kevin Goodwin Parish Councillor  
Cllr Phil Chapman Parish Councillor  
Mrs Helen Jones Clerk & RFO Clerk & RFO
Cllr Ian Carrington Councillor County Councillor
Cllr Matthew Cooper Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Lance Pennell Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Leigh Sanders Councillor District Councillor
0 members of the public    



a) To appoint the Chair of the Parish Council

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Wallace remain Chair (which Cllr Wallace accepted).

b) To appoint a Vice Chair

There were no proposals. ACTION: Clerk to add to July’s agenda. TD: 1.7.23


Apologies were received from Cllr Harrison. Reasons accepted.


None were declared.


There were no residents present at this meeting.


a) Local Police A report was not received. (To report any illegal or antisocial incidents please phone 101. This process is essential in gathering evidence. For more information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link

b) County Councillor Report County Councillor Carrington did not speak at this time, as he had spoken at the APM directly before this meeting. This text is directly from those meeting notes: Cllr Carrington explained the new Wards that are now in place, and where Harmston sits within them. In this past year, Church Lane has been resurfaced, white painted markings reinstated, and Station Road has been rebuilt. An Archers survey has been carried out (in continued attempts to address speed, size and volume of traffic through the village), which has yet to be discussed fully with the HPC. Putting a weight restriction on Church Lane has now been dismissed as it cannot be justified. Additional measures are still to be discussed. Once the Relief Road is built, it is hoped traffic will drop by 50%. Cllr Carrington took questions. Drop on left hand side of Church Lane (at bottom of the hill), very dangerous. Car Parking near the Thorold Arms. Could double yellow lines be installed - but what would really be most effective? Cllr Carrington will view one Sunday (when problem is at its worst).

c) District Councillor Reports Following recent elections, and the transition to Wards, the HPC welcomed 3 new District Councillors to the meeting, and requested they each introduce themselves. Cllr Cooper, Cllr Pennell and Cllr Sanders each spoke, sharing a little background about themselves. Cllr Cooper, as a Harmston resident, will attend most meetings, representing all three District Councillors.


It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 21st March 2023 were approved, and signed by the Chair.


1. VAT Refund calculation and paperwork submitted. Refund received. New VAT Refund document established for 2023-2024

2. APM posters made and distributed. Local groups invited to share reports at APM. Reports chased

3. New Payroll Accountant instructed

4. New audit agreement arranged with LALC – mid year and end of year audit agreed

5. Liaised with HMH re Coronation (posters made, dates shared etc)

6. Article written for Harmston Matters

7. All actions carried out from March meeting. Handy Person action ongoing.

8. Quote gained for Insurance

9. AGAR paperwork completed and shared with Chair, and then PC

10. AUDIT complete following meeting with Auditor, and paperwork shared with PC

11. All Risk Assessments assessed, updated and shared with PC

12. New District Councillors contacted, and dates of meeting shared for year, and both agendas for May meeting shared

13. Resident emails responded to, and shared with PC where appropriate

14. Community Speedwatch date chased (non as yet), and costs shared with PC NB: Please remember this report only lists some of the main actions, and not all actions carried out by the Clerk The Clerk was thanked for her thorough report. ACTION: Add Handyman to next meeting agenda (if needed), TD: 1.7.23


Following the audit, the Clerk pointed out that some changes had been made, and drew these to the HPC’s attention when needed.

a) To consider the Financial Overview to date for May 2023-2024 (emailed) It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Review be accepted

 b) To consider the Financial Report for May 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Report for May be accepted Appendices 1 (

c) To consider the VAT report to date, for May 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the VAT Report to date, be accepted Appendices 3 (

d) Monies to be paid Invoices of pending payments were checked against proposed spend, and it was RESOLVED: that the Clerk make these payments Appendices 2 ( ACTION: Clerk to contact Grass Cutter to clarify payments. TD 16.6.23

e) Internet banking update One new signatory in place. Problems with registering a second. ACTION: Clerk to contact bank again and find a solution. TD: ASAP

f) AGAR review and approve as appropriate

g) To consider the Internal Audit for the Financial Year ended 31.3.23 – It was RESOLVED: That the internal audit report be accepted. The Clerk noted areas to focus upon in the coming year

h) To consider approval of the 2022/2023 Annual Return – Section1 – Governance Statement – It was RESOLVED: That the Annual Governance Statement of the Annual Return for the Financial year ended 31.3.23 be accepted, approved and signed by the Chairman

i) To consider approval of the 2022/2023 Annual Return – Section 2 – Accounting Statements – It was RESOLVED: That the Annual Accounting Statements of the Annual Return for the financial year ended 31.3.23 be accepted, approved and signed by the Chairman

j) To consider the Certificate of Exemption Form for the Financial Year ended 31.3.23 – It was RESOLVED: That the Certificate of Exemption – AGAR 2022/23 Form 2 for the financial year ended 31.3.23 – be accepted, approved and signed by the Chairman It was RESOLVED: That the recommended dates for public rights inspection 1st June to 14th July 2023 be accepted.


a) TREE WORKS 23/0441/TPO It was RESOLVED: That Harmston Parish Council has no comment to make.



a) Staffing Committee It was RESOLVED: that there will not be a separate Staffing Committee within Harmston Parish Council, and any issues can be addressed at future meetings. The Clerk highlighted that the Auditor recommended a Staffing Committee was continued. It was noted that this is not statutory.


a) Discuss and agree training for Clerk It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk book CILCA introduction and Internal Control training, with a £100 limit set for the two training sessions. ACTION: Clerk to book courses, TD 1.6.23


a) Discuss and agree current payments and additional suggestions It was RESOLVED that the Clerk renew the annual subscription with LALC, as it is such a well-used and informative resource. ACTION: Clerk renew LALC annual subscription. TD: When requested.

13/5 ROADS

a) Church Lane – traffic, flooding, repairs ACTION: Clerk to send photos of flooding to Cllr Carrington, along with resident complaints and Highways correspondence, TD: 16.6.23 b) High Street/Chapel Lane – parking near the pub ACTION: Clerk to email Cllr Carrington re yellow lines and complaints


a) Play Area

b) HPC

c) Litter Picking

d) Christmas Event

It was RESOLVED: that all 4 of the updated Risk Assessments provided by the Clerk be accepted


a) Payments Following Audit, Clerk suggested this be moved to July’s agenda. All in agreement. ACTION: Clerk to add ‘Review Standing Orders to July’s agenda’. TD: 1.7.23 P


a) Agree and approve new policy It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk accept the annual insurance renewal cost of £925.02 and instruct the Insurance Company to renew the HPC policy. ACTION: Look at quotes from BHIB for 2024-2025, TD March 2024


a) Approve purchase of equipment It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk purchase the necessary equipment up to a total of £400.00 for the commencement of Community Speedwatch training ACTION: Clerk to order agreed equipment. TD: 15.6.23 b) Update on dates for training for Clerk ACTION: Clerk to continue chasing date. TD: Ongoing

18/5 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING The next meeting of Harmston Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 18th July 2023 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston, at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.04pm


Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes