September 2023 Minutes

Notes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Tuesday 19th September 2023 at 7.30 pm 

Present Title Role
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr David Harrison Parish Councillor Vice Chair
Cllr Brian Hamilton Parish Councillor  
Cllr Kevin Goodman Parish Councillor  
Cllr Phil Chapman Parish Councillor  
Mrs Helen Jones Clerk & RFO Clerk & RFO
Cllr Ian Carrington Councillor County Councillor
Cllr Matthew Cooper Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Lance Pennell Councillor District Coucillor
Cllr Leigh Sanders Councillor District Councillor
2 members of the public    


OPEN FORUM – 15 minutes held before meeting commenced. No specific issues raised. 


Apologies received from PC Matt Roberts. 



a) Local Police A report was not received. (To report any illegal or antisocial incidents please phone 101. This process is essential in gathering evidence. For more information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link

b) County Councillor Report Councillor Carrington will email his report, but also wanted to focus on two main points. There is an investigation underway to consider reducing traffic speed from 50mph to 40mph on either side of the lights on the A603 junction. He also highlighted a change in dates for works on drainage, with the new period being 9.10.23-3.11.23.

c) District Councillor Reports Cllr Cooper highlighted local success in the Building Awards. Cllr Pennell explained how there will be changes in Sleaford to remove parking from the market place to establish a more community focussed space. He also explained that there is now a new gambling support service available. The Reservoir project is being assessed, and its accumulative impact on the area. This will be decided by the secretary of State. 


It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 18th July 2023 were approved, and signed by the Chair. 


1. Community Speed watch training arranged 

2. Community Speed watch training attended

3. Veteran badges advertised on website, FB and noticeboards

4. Financial Regulations altered (as agreed) and published on PC website

5. Church contacted re clock, awaiting a reply

6. New Vice Chair paperwork completed and submitted

7. Website & FB used to share public consultation for Fosse Green Energy

8. All actions assigned to the clerk in July’s meeting have been completed and PC updated NB: Please remember this report only lists some of the main actions, and not all actions carried out by the Clerk Clerk shared an update on point 5 – no reply had been received to date. ACTION: Clerk to ask for update, TD: 1.10.23


a) To consider the Financial Overview to date for September 2023-2024 (emailed) It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Overview be accepted

b) To consider the Financial Report for September 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Report for September, Part A be accepted Appendices 1. ACTION: Clerk to use titles of Report A & Report B on documents and agenda, as these are most helpful. Clerk to refer to Financial Overview on both document and agenda., TD: 21.11.23

c) To consider the VAT report to date, for September 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the VAT Report to date, be accepted Appendices 3. ACTION: Clerk to check if Gallagher payment needs removing from the VAT report., TD: 1.11.23 Monies to be paid Invoices of pending payments were checked against proposed spend, and it was RESOLVED: that the Financial Report, Part B for September, be accepted and for the Clerk to make these payments Appendices 2. ACTION: Clerk to remind lawn cutter about strimming neatly around the equipment as previously agreed., TD: 1.11.23 7/9


a) TREE WORKS 23/0987/TCA West Lodge, Station Rd

b) PLANNING 23/0915/HOUS 1 The Walled Garden 22/1779/OUT Appeal ACTION: Clerk to add ‘no comment to make’ on planning portal. TD: 25.9.23 8/9 LITTER PICKING a) Update from Clerk regarding equipment and grant The Clerk shared that new equipment had been issued free of charge as part of a scheme. The Clerk also informed the PC that a grant is available towards the cost of litter picking, which the Clerk is subscribing to. ACTION: Clerk to remind Litter Picker to wear high vis jacket when collecting litter. TD: ASAP


a) PC to share observations of parking near the Thorold Arms since last meeting It was agreed that unsafe parking can still be an issue.

b) PC to agree next steps The Clerk shared signs from Cllr Cooper that pointed out to drivers that certain areas create danger when cars were parked there. ACTION: Clerk to share photos of signs with TapCo as an idea. TD: 1.11.23 ACTION: PC to continue to monitor parking., TD: ongoing


a) Discuss quote and agree actions Clerk read emails from E-On and National Grid. Current works on School Lane to install underground cables will affect 3 lamp posts. It has been suggested that due to the condition of these posts that new ones are installed whilst the National Grid are able to cover the costs of installation. 3 new 6m steel columns with 18watt LED lanterns controlled by all-night photocells will cost £2100.00 +VAT. It was RESOLVED: That the Clerk instruct E-ON to purchase and install the suggested 3 new posts and lights. ACTION: Clerk to contact E-ON. TD: ASAP.


a) Clerk to provide update on equipment and training Training has been carried out by 4 volunteers, the Clerk and Cllr Hamilton. Clerk ascertained that training can only carried out by CSW trainers. ACTION: Clerk to request further training dates for those that missed the previous date. TD: 1.11.23 The Clerk brought the Radar for the PC to inspect.

b) CSW members of the PC to update on next steps Sites have been chosen for CSW and approved. ACTION: Clerk to ask for map of approved sites. TD: 30.9.23. ACTION: Clerk to contact CSW for dates for first CSW in Harmston. TD: 30.9.23 ACTION: Clerk to update volunteers. TD: 30.9.23. ACTION: Clerk to get more alkaline batteries for the Radar. TD: 6.10.23


a) Discuss concerns of resident and agree next steps It was agreed that this is not a Parish Council issue, but a Police issue. The PC has no powers regarding this. Residents must continue to contact 101. The Clerk has been keeping PC Roberts up to speed. ACTION: Clerk inform resident of decision. TD: 20.10.23


a) Discuss and agree next steps Any fly tipping should be reported via Fix My Street. The PC has no powers regarding this. If Fix My Street does not show to help reduce the issue, then it may be possible to request the layby is closed. ACTION: Clerk inform resident of decision. TD: 20.10.23


a) Discuss feedback from meeting attended by Cllr Harrison and agree next steps Cllr Harrison fed back some of the main points, including: what will happen when the panels expire; what the quality of land should be; impact on locality. The process will ultimately be decided by the Secretary of State. Community Consultations have been planned (dates of which have been shared via fliers, the PC website and Facebook). Deadline for feedback is 20.10.23. ACTION: Clerk to reiterate deadline to residents and share again via all platforms, TD: ASAP.


a) Agree on events and budget It was discussed and agreed that the clerk purchase a Christmas tree, and ask the Wray family if they could kindly put the tree up again for us this year. The Christmas tree lights are past their best and therefore it was RESOLVED: that a budget of £400 be set for new lights. ACTION: Cllr Wallace to research and purchase low voltage lights.

b) Agree a date (tbc) It was agreed to ask the Salvation Army to attend once more. The date of Saturday 2nd December was agreed (as the first Saturday in December, which is traditionally the date that the event is held on), at 5.30pm. ACTION: Clerk to check the date with the SA. TD: ASAP. It was also agreed that new Carol Books of 6 carols be made, to also use as an order of service. ACTION: Clerk to make books. TD 1.12.23 It was also agreed not to continue with Nominate a Neighbour this year.


a) Discuss and agree budget for a replacement laptop for the Clerk The current Clerk laptop urgently needs replacing. It was RESOLVED: that a total of up to £500 be budgeted for the purchase of a new laptop, license and security. ACTION: Clerk to ask Cllr Wallace for advice if needed, and purchase laptop. TD: 15.1.23. ACTION: Clerk to investigate ways of destroying the old hard drive, TD: 15.1.23

17/9 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING The next meeting of Harmston Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 21st November 2023 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston, at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 8.57pm

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes.