November 2023 Meeting Notes

Notes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Tuesday 21st November 2023 at 7.30 pm


Present Title Role
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr David Harrison Parish Councillor Vice Chairman
Cllr Brian Hamilton Parish Councillor  
Cllr Phil Chapman Parish Councillor  
Mrs Helen Jones Clerk & RFO Clerk & RFO
Cllr Matthew Cooper Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Lance Pennell Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Leigh Sanders Councillor District Councillor
PC Matt Roberts Police Constable Community Beat Manager
0 members of public    


OPEN FORUM – 15 minutes held before meeting commenced. No public in attendance.


Cllr Goodwin, reasons accepted.


Cllr P Chapman – point 14B. It was agreed Cllr Chapman could remain in the meeting for this point, but would be unable to vote if such a motion was required.


a) Local Police PC Roberts monitors Harmston, and is always available if needed, and will send the Neighbourhood plan to the Clerk. (ACTION: Clerk to share plan via regular outlets once received). PC Roberts reinforced his advice to report any illegal or antisocial incidents please phone 101. This process is essential in gathering evidence. For more information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link The Chairman thanked PC Roberts for attending.

b) County Councillor Report Councillor Carrington was unable to attend.

c) District Councillor Reports Cllr Cooper shared that a new free business support programme launches on 28.11.23 at Whisby (visit for details) . Cllr Pennell explained how Climate goals remain a big focus. He also discussed the new rules for electoral registration. Cllr Sanders highlighted the importance of NOT putting batteries in bins and recycling, following a recent fire (visit for details).

4/11 CO-OPT

No potential candidates were in attendance.


It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 19th September 2023 were approved, and signed by the Chair.


1. Christmas event posters made and shared

2. Salvation Army band booked

3. New Christmas carol books made and checked with SA

4. Christmas tree ordered, and help sought to install

5. First Community Speedwatch carried out

6. CSW document made to record findings to enable PC to measure effectiveness

7. Website & FB used to share update and deadline for public consultation for Fosse Green Energy with residents

8. Update re church clock shared with PC

9. CiLCA introduction attended

10. Finances training attended

11. Letter sent to landowner re new stile to enable access for all

12. Quotes received from Handyman for bus shelter, and pump house works. Approved by Clerk (via delegated authority), and works carried out. Quote requested for repairs to HPC noticeboard on High Street.

13. Planning portal updated

14. Quote submitted for annual litter picking grant from NKDC

15. Litter picker issued with new equipment and high vis jackets

16. Article written for Harmston Matters newsletter

17. Lights ordered via E-ON, which have now been installed

18. Resident informed of next steps re Unsociable behaviour and fly-tipping

19. Clerk pay increase received from Government services pay agreement. Back pay calculated, pay level adjusted, and all checked by accountant and shared with PC

20. All actions set for the Clerk at the last meeting have been carried out, with the exception of purchasing a new laptop as the Clerk is awaiting any seasonal discounts before proceeding NB: Please remember this report only lists some of the main actions, and not all actions carried out by the Clerk.


a) To consider the Financial Overview to date for November 2023-2024 (emailed) It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Overview be accepted

b) To consider the Financial Report for November 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Report for September, Part A be accepted Appendices 1

c) To consider the VAT report to date, for November 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the VAT Report to date, be accepted Appendices 3

d) Monies to be paid Invoices of pending payments were checked against proposed spend, and it was RESOLVED: that the Financial Report, Part B for November, be accepted and for the Clerk to make these payments Appendices 2 ACTION: Clerk to check the cost of an entirely new village noticeboard board first, before accepting or rejecting handman quote., TD: asap

e) To consider Clerk salary increase and back pay to the latest SCP7 pay scale, as outlined by the Local Government services pay agreement 2023 It was RESOLVED: that the new Clerk rate be accepted and for the Clerk to process back pay ACTION: Clerk to adjust payrate and process back pay, TD: 1.12.23

f) To consider projected end of year spending The clerk provided a document outlining projected expenditure. Appendices 4.

g) To share any proposed expenditure for 2024-2025 budget Village Pump House ACTION: Clerk to investigate potential grants, 10.1.24 Replacing some streetlights. ACTION: PC to consider and share any expenditure ideas BEFORE 1.1.24.


a) TREE WORKS - None

b) PLANNING - 23/0596 Broughton Lane Farm, planning has been granted


a) To agree on LALC subscription Agreed to continue to subscribe.

b) To discuss and agree upon Church donation for grass cutting Agreed to defer donation until requested next year.

c) To discuss and agree upon Citizens Advice Bureau donation Agreed no donation this year due to tight budgets. ACTION: Clerk to write and notify CAB of decision. TD: Dec ‘23


a) Update from the Clerk Tree is ordered, and will be delivered this Friday. Volunteer kindly putting tree up for us next week. Salvation Army has been booked. Posters have been made and shared to advertise event. New Carol Books have been drafted and checked by Salvation Army Band. Cllr Wallace has bought new tree lights (as per his action).

b) Christmas tree volunteers Clerk is happy to attend.

c) Agree on donation to Salvation Army It was RESOLVED that a historical donation of £100 be donated for their attendance at our Christmas Event. None of the Parish Council can attend the event (for a variety of reasons), other than the Clerk. ACTION: Clerk to ask Harmston Young Farmers if anyone would be available to support the Clerk at the event, TD: ASAP.


a) Update from the Clerk Works will be completed in January 2024.

b) Discuss and agree next steps re lighting If budget allows, 2 or 3 new lights could be added for 2024-2025.


a) Clerk to provide update on first CSW First session carried out in September. Clerk has created method for collating data gathered, so effectiveness of CSW can be monitored.

b) Clerk to provide update on next steps ACTION: Clerk to send a reminder to CSW members, for them to contact Clerk when they are ready to carry out another session. TD: Dec ‘23


a) Discuss feedback from meeting attended by Cllr Harrison and agree next steps Cllr Harrison shared details from the meeting he attended. The solar panels will be visible from the View Point. Over 38 acres of panels, surrounded by 8ft fences. Formal application will be late Jan/early Feb. ACTION: Clerk to share another reminder to residents to share their comments when the formal application is shared. T/D: pending


a) To consider quote from local contractor The play area is now being strimmed as desired. ACTION: Clerk to require if contractor is being retained for field. T/D: Jan ’24. It was RESOLVED that the weed and grass works be deferred until Spring.

b) Update on Handyman works to date and pending Clerk shared all works approved and carried out by Handyman thus far. All agreed work was to a great standard. Clerk had asked Handyman to assess damage to Play area fence. ACTION: Clerk to contact Fence supplier to ascertain where replacement slats can be obtained from. T/D: ASAP. Village name signs need cleaning. ACTION: Clerk to contact to NKDC/Highways to see if service available. TD: Jan ‘24


a) To consider letter from LCC and agree upon a response Landowner has responded, and is unwilling to approve alternations to access on Vicarage Lane as the pathway is not being used respectfully (For example: not all owners are picking up their dogs’ mess). NKDC have proposed redirecting the Viking Way down High Street (rather than over field) to avoid the stiles and therefore making the Viking Way more accessible. The PC have concerns over using this proposed route as some of the paths on Church Lane are very narrow and close to fast moving traffic (including lorries using the road at speed|). ACTION: Clerk to respond to NKDC explaining the PC’s concerns. TD: Dec ’23.

16/11 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING The next meeting of Harmston Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 16th January 2024 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston, at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 8.55pm

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes.