July 2023 Minutes

Notes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Tuesday 18th July 2023 at 7.30 pm

Present Title Role
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr Brian Hamilton Parish Councillor  
Cllr Kevin Goodwin Parish Councillor  
Cllr David Harrison Parish Councillor  
Cllr Phil Chapman Parish Councillor  
Mrs Helen Jones Clerk & RFO Clerk & RFO
Cllr Ian Carrington County Councillor County Councillor
Cllr Lance Pennell District Councillor District Councillor
Cllr Leigh Sanders District Councillor District Councillor
0 members of the public    

OPEN FORUM – 15 minutes held before meeting commenced. There were no residents present at this meeting.


Apologies received from Cllr Cooper, and reasons accepted.


Cllr P Chapman declared an interest in Items 9 and 10. It was agreed that Cllr Chapman can remain in the meeting for these items, but he would not be able to vote if voting were required.

3/7 REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES a) Local Police A report was not received. (To report any illegal or antisocial incidents please phone 101. This process is essential in gathering evidence. For more information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link https://www.lincs.police.uk/about-us/your-area/teams/cliff-villagespolicing-team/)

b) County Councillor Report Councillor Carrington referred the PC to his emailed report, and gave updates on points raised at the AMPC. Flooding at lights on A607: Cllr Carrington has spoken to LCC, and they are assessing asap. Parking on corner of Vicarage Lane/High Street: yellow lines could be installed (but would need to consider where the parking would relocate to) or find a more local solution and work with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

c) District Councillor Reports Cllr Pennell explained that Taxi licensing is out for consultation; NKDC has received a Passive Housing award; he asked if Harmston has any Community Champions to nominate; and Veterans requiring Veteran badges must let NKDC know. ACTION: Clerk to publicise Veteran badges, TD: 30.7.23


It was RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Thursday 18th May 2023 were approved, and signed by the Chair.


1. New payroll accountant in place

2. All actions from May 2023 meeting completed

3. New Handy Person selected. First tasks under way & date set, quote received and works approved

4. Community Speedwatch equipment ordered (mostly received)

5. Community Speedwatch training arranged for 20.7.23 at 6.45pm

6. Volunteers for Community Speedwatch updated

7. AGAR submitted, and all relevant documents published on High Street noticeboard and on website

8. Notice of Public Rights and Publication published. Period expired 14.7.23 9. Insurance company instructed for 2023-24, and paid in full. All documents on file and shared with PC

10. Internal controls training attended

11. LALC annual fee paid in full

12. Changes in recording of meetings notes implemented, following Audit

13. Changes in Financial Report implemented, following Audit

14. Bank rung again to arrange signatories and online banking

15. Financial Regs document drafted

16. APM meeting notes drafted, actions for Clerk carried out NB: Please remember this report only lists some of the main actions, and not all actions carried out by the Clerk 


a) To consider the Financial Overview to date for July 2023-2024 (emailed) It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Review be accepted ACTION: Change CSW code to Traffic Calming, TD 30.8.23

b) To consider the Financial Report for July 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the Financial Report for May be accepted Appendices 1

c) To consider the VAT report to date, for July 2023 It was RESOLVED: That the VAT Report to date, be accepted Appendices 3

d) Monies to be paid Invoices of pending payments were checked against proposed spend, and it was RESOLVED: that the Clerk make these payments Appendices 2

e) To consider and approve Financial Regulations (emailed) Clerk’s draft approved, and it was RESOLVED: That the Financial Regulations be accepted (subject to changes made as suggested by Chair). ACTION: Clerk to make amendments and add to HPC website, TD 30.8.23

f) To consider and approve delegated authority to the Clerk for Maintenance work This was agreed and approved as part of the new Financial Regulations (see previous item, 8.e) The Clerk explained that the AGAR approved in May’s Meeting had been submitted and accepted, and that the period of public rights had been carried out and had now expired


There were none to consider.


Cllr David Harrison was proposed and seconded as Vice Chair, which he agreed to, and therefore it was RESOLVED: That Cllr David Harrison assume the role of Vice Chair of Harmston Parish Council. ACTION: Clerk to liaise with the new Vice Chair to complete necessary paperwork, TD 30.7.23


a) To consider quotes and approve payments for play area works It was RESOLVED: that the £232.00 quote from the handyman for works to the play area be accepted.

b) Review and reach agreement re annual inspections schedule It was RESOLVED: that the annual contract for safety inspections be renewed. ACTION: Clerk to ask for a member of the PC be present for the next inspection, TD 28.7.23 ACTION: Clerk to investigate alternative grass cutters and gain quotes, TD 18.9.23


a) Discuss and agree current payments and additional suggestions It was RESOLVED that the handyman be instructed to complete works on play area. ACTION: Clerk to instruct handyman, TD asap 

Register was reviewed and it was RESOLVED: that the Clerk review and prioritise listed works, and liaise directly with the handyman. ACTION: Clerk to liaise with handyman, TD asap


a) Clerk to provide update on equipment, volunteers and training Training has been arranged for 20.7.23. Volunteers informed. Poster put in noticeboard to invite any other potential volunteers to the training. Equipment has been ordered – all received except radar. ACTION: Clerk to check if she can pass on training from course to those who cannot attend, TD 20.7.23


a) To discuss parking on roads close to the Thorold Arms Parking on the corner and potential solutions were discussed. Seems better of late. Some Cllrs unsure of yellow lines – as it will not resolve traffic, but simply relocate it elsewhere in the village. It was RESOLVED: that the parking be monitored by the PC, and added to September’s agenda (ACTION: TD 12.7.23). If parking worsens, PC will re-address the issue.


a) Cllr Carrington explained the benefits of other communities showing their support, as this sends a clear message to developers of communities, thus highlighting communities’ expectations. ACTION: Clerk to send an email, stating the PC supports the proposal. TD: 1.8.23

14/7 UPDATE ON FOSSE GREEN ENERGY (Pre-Consultation)

a) Cllr Harrison attended the briefing, and fed back to the PC. The decisions will be made by the Secretary of State – not locally. Cllr Carrington and Cllr Pennell are both involved in committees which review these and agree that there are many aspects to weigh up. ACTION: Clerk to add details to boards/website/FB when formal consultation commences, to ensure residents are aware. TD: tbc


a) Discuss response from LCC to Clerk’s request for an alternative to the stile, to ensure inclusive access to all on Vicarage Lane, which was raised by a resident at May’s APM LCC are happy to install a new stile, but they require the landowner’s consent.

b) HPC to agree on next steps It was RESOLVED: that the Clerk write to the landowner, explaining a request from residents has been received, and that an update would be free of charge and installed by LCC replacing the stile that is in need of some repair ACTION: Clerk write to landowner.TD 20.8.23; Clerk to add to September’s agenda. TD 12.7.23.


a) Discuss concerns raised regarding the church clock West clock face is unsightly, with pieces falling off, and therefore potentially dangerous. Last year the PC were assured works would be completed Christmas 2022, then Christmas 2023. The PC have made a large donation towards these works. ACTION: Clerk to write to the Church Committee, and request a timetable for the repairs. Explain concerns have been received from residents regarding falling debris from the clock face. TD: 20.8.23


a) Details of how the Clerk can be contacted If emails are of an urgent nature, add URGENT in capitals, and VERY URGENT in very urgent cases. All members were asked to CC all other members and Clerk in all emails, to ensure everyone is in the loop. Members were also asked to keep emails within the original thread, so that its is easier to locate emails with a shared focus. ACTION: All PC to adopt these working practises with immediate effect.

18/5 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING The next meeting of Harmston Parish Council which will be held on Tuesday 19th September 2023 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston, at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 8.45pm 

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes.