September/October 2022 Meeting Notes

Notes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston

on Tuesday 4th October 2022 at 7.30 pm


Present  Title Role
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr Brian Hamilton Parish Councillor  
Cllr Kevin Goodwin Parish Councillor  
Cllr David Harrison Parish Councillor (Appointed during meeting)
Mrs Helen Jones Clerk & RFO Clerk
Cllr Marianne Overton Councillor District Councillor
1 member of public    



Following the resignation of our Chair, Councillor Jones, Councillor Goodwin proposed, and Councillor Hamilton seconded, and it was RESOLVED that Councillor Wallace adopt the position of Chair. Councillor Wallace accepted the position.

Councillor Wallace extended his thanks to Councillor Jones for his years on the Parish Council as a Councillor and as Chair.

2/10 APOLOGIES AND REASONS FOR ABSENCE Apologies were received from Cllr Ian Norman and Cllr Lucille Hague. Reasons accepted.


4/10 OPEN FORUM No-one wished to speak.


a) Local Police (PC 1293 Matt Roberts) Newsletter shared via email. To report any illegal or antisocial incidents please phone 101. This process is essential in gathering evidence. For more information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link 

b) County Councillor Report shared via email.

c) District Councillor Reports shared via email. District Councillor Overton discussed some of the main points of her report.

6/10 CO-OPT

Cllr Goodwin proposed, Cllr Hamilton seconded, and it was RESOLVED that Mr David Harrison join Harmston Parish Council. (His letter of interest had been shared prior to the meeting). Cllr Harrison completed all the necessary paperwork, and therefore contributed to the remainder of the meeting as member of the PC. ACTION: Clerk to sign documents and send to NKDC. TD 14.10.22 Mr Phil Chapman has also submitted the necessary documents (although the change of meeting date meant he could not attend). Cllr Hamilton proposed, Cllr Goodwin seconded, and it was RESOLVED that Mr Phil Chapman join the Harmston Parish Council. ACTION: Clerk to send acceptance of office documents to Cllr Chapman, to ensure they are completed ahead of the next meeting. TD 14.10.22


Cllr Goodwin proposed and Cllr Wallace seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 19th July 2022 were approved. The Clerk was thanked for producing the minutes within a different time scale.


Forms were collected from all Councillors to show they have accepted and will adhere to the new Code of Conduct. ACTION: Clerk to scan and email forms to NKDC TD 14.10.22


1. Clerks Report reduced as requested, to show action points

2. Litter Picker contacted and positive feedback shared

3. View point litter discussed with Litter Picker, who reports the bin is not full, but it is the worst location for litter on the ground. I asked if a larger bin would help, and they think the bin is just not being used.

4. Dog bin waste signs displayed around village and section added to our website to request correct bins are used for dog waste

5. QPJ coins ordered, packaged and delivered

6. Company supplying soft close fastening spoken to – an alternative is being investigated

7. Graeme at Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership contacted re post, speed signs and Community Speed Watch

8. Speed Watch details received and shared with HPC, query sent re charges for equipment

9. Speed Watch scheme added to website with details for volunteers

10. Website given a thorough update, to reflect projects undertaken and outcomes

11. NKDC notified of HPC adopting the new Code of Conduct, forms sent to HPC for completion, Code of Conduct added to our website

12. Management for HPA approached re noticeboard. Noticeboard agreed, location pending

13. Liaised with Church re Book of Condolences and notifying residents

14. Appropriate messages added to all platforms re the death of Queen Elizabeth II

15. Meeting rescheduled, new date arranged and all parties informed. Noticeboard, Facebook and Website utilised.

ACTION: Clerk to share training dates with PC via email. TD 14.10.22


a) To consider the Financial Overview for 2022-2023 to date (emailed) Correction made, and shared with Chair. ACTION: Clerk to shared amended document with all members. TD 21.10.22

b) To consider the Financial Report for Sept/Oct 2022 Financial Report was reviewed with no issues noted.


Treasurers Account Balance Sept/Oct meeting 2022: £19,595.89

Estimated Year End: £9,697.17

Ref No. Date Item Description Expense Account Invoice No. Total Item Chq No. Ref Notes Cheque Cleared
21 20/7/22 Elan City Section 137 SAJ-UK/2022/0766 2376.00 1071 Permanent SpID device 4.8.22
22 1/8/22 H Jones Clerk Salary   425.50 1072 July wages (5 weeks) 2.8.22
23 27/7/22 M Jones (Turnbulls) Section 137   55.56 1073 Slabs & bracket for bench 5.8.22
24         VOID 1074    
25 27/7/22 H Jones (QPJ) Section 137 4590 191.04 1075 Commemorative Gift 2.8.22
26 3/9/22 E.ON  E.ON Supply H1AC43605E 130.55 1076 Seasonal charges 29.9.22
27 3/9/22 LIVES Village Maintenance   64.90 1077 Defib electrodes 28.9.22
28 3/9/22 S & L Garden Services Section 137 196 140.00 1078 Installation of bench 30.9.22
29 3/9/22 C B Ground Maintenance Village Maintenance 1074 36.00 1079 July grass cutting x 2  
30 3/9/22 E.ON E.ON Maintenance 113892 203.40 1080 Maintenance  
31 3/9/22 C B Ground Maintenance Village Maintenance 1083 36.00 1081 August grass cutting x 2  
32 18/9/22 H Jones Clerk Salary   340.16 1082 August wages (4 weeks) 23.9.22
33 18/9/22 C B Ground Maintenance Village Maintenance 1059 36.00 1083 June grass cutting x 2  
34 18/9/22 H Jones (Post Office) Clerk Expenses   21.84 1084 Stamps & envelopes 23.9.22
35 18/9/22 Gallagher Insurance 515983465 846.35 1085 Annual Insurance  
36 18/9/22 R Banks Village Maintenance   150.00 1086 Jun, July, Aug litter picking 26.9.22
37 3/10/22 Play Inspection Company Play Area 56306 81.60 1087 Safety Inspection  
38 3/10/22 C B Ground Maintenance Play Area 1091 36.00 1088 Sept grass cutting x 2  
39 3/10/22 H Jones Clerk Salary   425.50 1089 Sept wages (4 wks)  
40 3/10/22 H Jones Clerk Office   45.00 1090 June-Aug payments  
DD 9/9/22 ICO Subscriptions/donations   35.00 DD Annual Subscription  
        Total Expenditure 5,676.10      


Pending Payments: H Jones, £318.73, October wages

Income recieved: VAT Refund. 20.7.22, £1079.32, Chq cleared 20.7.22

The Clerk also shared the VAT Refund report to date for 2022-2023.

ACTION: Clerk to check TAX paid for insurance is able to be claimed as VAT or not, and inform members. TD 21.10.22 23 27/7/22

c) Monies to be paid Cheques were signed for pending payments.


a) TREE WORKS 22/1079/TPO Lime House 22/131/TPO The Old Vicarage, Vicarage Lane

b) PLANNING 22/0902/HOUS 9 Vicarage Lane The PC had no comments to add to the applications.


a) Agree events and dates It was agreed to hold the event on Saturday 3rd December, same time as last year. ACTION; Clerk to check date doesn’t clash with other village groups. TD 28.10.22

b) Christmas Tree Cllr Hamilton proposed, Cllr Goodwin seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the date be set at 3.12.22 and checked; and tree ordered by Clerk (Costing no more than last year); Salvation Army band be booked. Christmas events to cost no more than £600 as detailed in the annual budget. ACTION: Clerk to order the Christmas tree; Clerk to check date with other groups; Clerk to book the Salvation Army band. TD 31.10.22 13/10


a) Discuss actions to be taken in light of rising electricity costs A brief over view given to bring all Councillors up to date. ACTION: Clerk to share most recent bill with PC. TD As soon as received. This is to be used to estimate energy usage per quarter year. Following research, it appears that Parish Councils should have their bills capped for 6 months. ACTION: Clerk ascertain rate from 1.10.22 and total KW per hour estimated usage will be. ACTION: Clerk to ask E.ON for costs of turning lights on/off, and to explore options TD: 1.11.22

14/10 MEETING SCHEDULE a) Vote to be taken to ascertain monthly or bi-monthly HPC meetings After discussion it was agreed that more than 6 meetings, but less than 12 per year were needed. Clerk has checked the hall and it is free on the third Tuesday of every month. It was RESOLVED that an additional meeting be added for February 2023 (17th), and further additional meetings be added at busier times. ACTION: Clerk to book hall for 17.2.22, and update website and noticeboards to reflect changes TD: 21.10.22 15/10


a) New SpID The HPC owned SpID has been received and is in use. The HPC currently have use of the shared device also, which means there are devices on both High Street and Church Lane. The devices can be rotated to point in the opposite direction.

b) SpID Data Cllr Wallace has been sharing the data via our PC account and the Harmston Community Page on FaceBook. The Clerk has added a link to this to the PC website, and a section outlining the range of traffic solutions being utilised by the PC. Positive comments and thanks have been received by residents regarding the devices data. 40,000 vehicles per week are travelling through Harmston.

c) Post on Vicarage Lane The post has been installed on Church Lane, and is already in use with a SpID device being used. ACTION: Clerk to purchase two High Vis jackets to be worn when equipment is being checked. TD 31.10.2


a) Update from the Clerk The Clerk has gained approval from Mr Sowerby for the installation of a noticeboard on the Playing Field, to replace the existing board on Harmston Park Avenue. ACTION: Clerk to check Safety Report for Playing Field Sign requirements; Clerk to procure estimates for noticeboard/signs. TD 10.11.22


a) Litter Bin on High Street Cllr Goodwin proposed and Cllr Hamilton seconded and it was RESOLVED that a bin be ordered for the existing bracket on High Street (adjacent to the hens) with a budget of no more than £200.00. The owner has already been approached and their consent has been kindly given ACTION: Clerk to check if bin is free, or if it needs to be ordered and paid for by the HPC. Clerk to order accordingly.

b) Litter at the Viewing Point The Clerk has spoken with the Litter Picker who reports this is the worst area for litter, despite the bin being often empty. Ideas to address this were discussed. ACTION: PC to monitor. PC to report McDonalds waste to the appropriate restaurant. TD: as it occurs. The bin near the entrance to the playing field is being used for dog waste rather than just domestic waste, creating unpleasant smells for the neighbouring property. ACTION: Clerk to add sign near bin to state NO dog waste, and to direct dog owners to the dog bins provided.

18/10 FOOTPATH a) Revise and discuss NKDC have now sprayed the paths. Agreed to get a quote for areas that need treating in between NKDC sprays in peak months. ACTION: Clerk to ask Grass Cutter for a quote for High Street, Church Lane and around the Pump House (worst areas), and share with PC. TD: 21.10.22

b) Tree Branches Bottom branches have been pruned on one of the trees on High Street. The height of the tree is not a PC matter. In the first instance the resident should be approached. Another option is to approach Highways.

19/10 MATTERS TO BE RAISED AT THE NEXT MEETING The Clerk and Chair will form an agenda and share with the PC.

20/10 DATE FOR NEXT MEETING The next meeting of Harmston Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 15th November 2022 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.23pm

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes