January 2022 Meeting Notes

Notes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 7.30 pm

Present Title Role
Cllr Mark Jones Parish Councillor Chairman
Cllr Paul Wallace Parish Councillor Vice Chairman
Cllr Ian Norman Parish Councillor  
Pc Roberts & Colleague    
4 members of the public    


Apologies were received from Cllr B Hamilton & the Parish Clerk – Reasons for absence accepted.


None to declare


Resident read out a letter which had been sent to the PC about ASB (anti-social behaviour) at the Harmston Viewpoint: Resident stated they have spoken to a police patrol but they have not been able to help. Resident stated the police have not responded, or answered a telephone number the residents had been given by the police officer. Chairman asked the Residents to make a log of calls made and send to the Parish Clerk . Action: Clerk to write to Lincolnshire CC Highways Dept to see if anything can be done to prevent parking on the grass in front of the property affected, T/D 28 Feb 2022 Clerk

PC Roberts explained his mobile phone number had changed and recommended / encouraged residents to report any issue of ASB to the non-emergency Police number 101 so it can be logged and acted upon if resources allow.

A second Resident raised the issue of Speed, volume of traffic and heavy vehicles using Church Lane, explaining he had sent a letter to HPC, County Cllr Carrington and the local MP. The resident understands County Cllr Carrington is going to speak to a Highways Engineer and then respond to the resident in due course. Residents biggest concern is volume of traffic and weight of vehicles using the road. When raised before by the resident (several years ago), Highways told the resident the vehicles have nowhere else to go. Resident explained he sent and received an email response from ‘Bulk Freight Midlands Ltd’ where the company explained the heavy vehicles are moving Waste Material from/to recycling centres in the County (including Boston and Sleaford) and are following routes given to them by the Council authorities. The resident explained Church Lane is neither an A or B road as it is not suitable for that classification.  Another resident mentioned fighting for a weight restriction on Church Lane. Action: Draft & send a letter from Harmston PC to Lincolnshire Highways Authority (CC to HPC Members) to request a traffic survey is carried out on Church Lane, with the expectation the survey will identify traffic speed, volume and the amount of HGV vehicles using the road and what options there might be to do something about it. T/D 11 Feb 2022 Chairman

Public participation ended 20.19 – this was longer than the normal time allowed but due to the importance of the matters raised, this section was given more time.


No applicants at this time but Cllr Wallace agreed to place a post on the Harmston Community Facebook Group asking for residents to join the Parish Council.


Cllr Wallace proposed and Cllr Norman seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 16th November 2021 were approved.


a) Local Police (PC 1293 Matt Roberts) PC Roberts explained he had been making checks on vehicles driving through the village in contravention of the access only routes. On the 10th January 2022 in a 90 minute stint from 0700hrs there was 15 vehicles cutting through that were not residents. The drivers were going to RAF Waddington predominantly. PC Roberts has visited the RAF Police and once again asked them to put an enclosure on Station Routine Orders to educate and deter. More information on the Cliff Villages Policing Team, follow this link https://www.lincs.police.uk/aboutus/your-area/teams/cliff-villages-policing-team/

b) County Councillor Did not attend

c) District Councillor Did not attend but both District Cllrs sent reports


1. Christmas event organised and advertised

2. New carol books made

3. Plaque for bench drafted and made

4. Permission requested and granted for new location of bench

5. Tree organised

6. Christmas Summary written

7. New storage for Christmas event items sourced

8. Dog Bins ordered, and installation organised

9. Replies sent to residents

10. Nominate a neighbour organised

11. Quotes sought from 2 other sources for well – no response

12. New lawn maintenance contractor instructed

13. Advert made for litter picking

14. Website and Facebook updated

15. Noticeboard updated

16. Request sent for electoral role

17. SpID quote requested

18. Permissions and locations for SpID and gates requested

19. Instruction given to contractors re playing field fence

20. Residents informed of impending purchase of SpID

21. Lincoln Rocks emailed for alterations to listing

22. SpID data shared with PC Roberts and Cllr Carrington

23. Card written and sent for donation of suit

24. Card and donation given to The Salvation Army; letter of thanks shared with PC

25. Cheque book balanced

26. Payments made (see Financial Report)

27. Precept details received and shared with HPC

28. Christmas greeting from HPC added to website, FB and noticeboards

29. Nominate a Neighbour gifts bought, cards written and distributed

30. NAN thankyous shared with HPC

31. Phone call with SpID company, information received and shared with HPC

32. Queens Platinum Jubilee meeting attended

33. Meeting dates for 2022-2023 drafted and checked with HMH, shared with HPC

34. Responses sent to resident emails

35. Resignation accepted, shared with HPC & registered with NKDC

36. Budget drafted and discussed with Chair

37. Agenda drafted and added to website

38. SpID permissions and locations chased with highways

39. HPA management updated re fence and utilities

40. Standing orders updated ready for signatures

41. Time sheet and payslip created and shared with Staffing Committee

42. Website updated – advert for vacancies refreshed and updated 4

3. Attendance log for 2022-2023 drafted and shared with HPC

44. PC Roberts updated with residents’ concerns and invited to January’s meeting

45. Planning Permission log updated; information shared with HPC

46. Financial Report for January written and shared with HPC

47. Meeting with contractor at playing area – fence and gates plotted – update shared with HPC

48. Trees checked, varieties logged and information shared with TB

49. Budget for 2022-2023 drafted

50. Litter picking equipment ordered and received

51. Permissions and locations for SpID and white gates chased

52. Cheque booked balanced against latest statement

The Clerk was not at the meeting but the report was reviewed by Cllrs with no issues or comments to make.


a) To consider the Financial Overview for 2021-2022 to date (emailed)

Financial Report reviewed – no issues

b) To consider the Financial Report for January 2022

Treasurers Account Balance for January meeting: £18,988.35

Ref No. Date Item Description Expense Account Invoice No. Total Item  Chq No. Ref notes Cheque Cleared
29 16.11.21 Salvation Army Donations   100.00 1021 Christmas Event 15.12.21
30 26.11.21 H.Jones/Lidl Christmas   10.74 1022 Children's sweets/drinks 6.12.21
31 26.11.21 H.Jones/Sainsburys Christmas   78.87 1023 Mulled Wine/drinks 6.12.21
32 26.11.21 H.Jones/Amazon Christmas   11.49 1024 Paper cups 6.12.21
33 1.12.21 H.Jones Clerk Salary   334.72 1025 HJ Wages Nov (4 wks) 6.12.21
34 1.12.21 H.Jones Clerk Office   45.00 1026 HJ Clerks office Sept-Nov 6.12.21
35 1.12.21 VOID       1027    
36 26.11.21 M.Jones/Timpsons Section 137   29.00 1028 Bench Plaque 8.12.21
37 8.12.21 H.Jones/Bakery Christmas   113.20 1029 Mince pies & Plum Bread 15.12.21
38 8.12.21 M.Jones/Screwfix Christmas   9.59 1030 Christmas lights part 16.12.21
39 8.12.21 Play Inspection Company Play Area HAR14082 66.00 1031 Operational Inspection  
40 8.12.21 E.ON E.ON Maintenance 109488 117.50 1032 Quarter ending 31.12.21 17.01.22
41 13.12.21 E.ON E.ON Supply H1A7EAC20F 3,031.70 1033 Annual electricity 21.12.21
42 13.12.21 Glasdon Village Maintence 3072831 351.96 1034 2 new dog bins 21.12.21
43 13.12.21 LALC Training   12.00 1035 Lunch for course 12.1.21
44 14.12.21 H.Jones/Amazon Christmas   14.00 1036 Christmas storage 15.12.21
45 14.12.21 M.Jones/Amazon Christmas   40.10 1037 Stamps & stationery 16.12.21
46 22.12.21 H.Jones/Sainsburys Christmas   24.50 1038 Nominate a Neighbour gifts 30.12.21
47 1.1.22 H.Jones Clerk Salary   418.40 1039 HJ wages dec 4 wks 5.1.22
48 21.1.22 N Power EON Supply IN02384810 286.93 1040 Dec electricity   
49 21.2.22 H. jones/Amazon Viallge Maintenance   29.99 1041 Litter picking equipment   
        Total Expenditure 5125.69      

Pending Payments 

  Item Description Total Payment  Details
Jan Fence 4,450.54  
Feb Clerk Salary 334.72 Jan (4 weeks)
Feb  SpID 2500,00 (tbc)  

Financial Report reviewed - no issues

c) Monies to be paid

All agreed and cheques signed as required

d) Consider the budget for 2022-2023

After a long and detailed discussion with several cutbacks having been made, it was agreed the Parish Council Budget for 2022/23 would be set at £15,402.00 (Chairman stated there would be an additional income of £250 as a litter picking grant). Chairman proposed and Cllr Norman seconded, and it was RESOLVED that the Budget for 2022/23 be set at £15,402.00

e) Agree on Precept for 2022-2023

Due to recent or planned expenditure on the Village Play Park Fence, Speed Indicator Device, Village Well repairs, Street Light repairs and increased Electricity supply costs for street lighting this next FY, the Precept for 2022/23 was proposed to be a 7.25% increase, which will match the budgeted expenditure. Cllr Norman proposed and the Chairman seconded, and it was RESOLVED a 7.25% precept increase be made. Note the 7.25% increase is equal to a £3.51 increase for the HPC Precept per year for a Band D equivalent property

f) Sign standing orders 

This agenda item is to be Carried forward to next meeting



b) PLANNING 21/1672/OUT Land north of Vicarage Lane & west of A607 (denied)

21/1844/HOUS The Laurels, Blacksmith Lane – No Objections, Clerk to update planning portal

21/1959/HOUS Chapel Stones, Blacksmith Lane – No Objections, Clerk to update planning portal

10/1 CHRISTMAS a) The Christmas Tree, Salvation Army Band and the Nominate a Neighbour were all thought to have been a success and well received by residents

11/1 PLAY AREA a) Fence update Contractor has been on site to check, no issues; expected start date for installing next few weeks

b) Equipment Discuss at Next meeting

c) Provision for older children On hold for now

d) Safety checks

e) Action: Confirm Play Park inspection dates and who will carry these out and inform all HPC Members by email. T/D 25 February 2022 Clerk

12/1 ROADS

a) Speed Device purchase update Clerk to provide by email

b) Agree option for SpID

c) Cllr Norman proposed and Cllr Wallace seconded, and it was RESOLVED the Battery only option be purchased; with 2 spare batteries for a total of qty 4 batteries. The Solar option was discounted due to increased load on the mounting pole, visual impact in a Conservation area, etc Clerk to purchase ASAP as agreed at November meeting

d) Permissions for SpID and proposed gates Request made to LRSP for Vicarage Lane for SPID and gates to entry on village. Action: Make further requests to LRSP for the SPID to be mounted on Church Lane towards the lights. T/D 28 Feb 2022 Clerk

e) Discuss and agree gates Waiting for response from LRSP. Budgetary constraints will also need to be considered

f) Church Lane – discuss strategies for speed, volume and weight See comments in public forum section

g) View point parking See comments in public forum section


a) Discuss quotes, and agree upon a contractor Requests for formal quotes ongoing but this is now considered by all to be urgent: Action: Contact a Harmston village builder to get quote for Village Well repair T/D 4 Feb 2022 Cllr Norman Action: Request quote from ‘Professional Pallet Care’ (same company supplying and installing Play Park Fence) for the repairs to the village Well, if they can do the work. T/D 4 Feb 2022 Chairman


a) Update on purchase and installation Qty 2 bins purchased, waiting for NKDC to install Action: Write to adjacent landowner and House owner by proposed site on Church Lane, asking if any objections to locating there. T/D 28 Feb 2022  Action: Raise fix my street issue for dog bin pole that has been damaged on Hill Top by Viewpoint. T/D 11 Feb 2022 Cllr Wallace

15/1 FOOTPATHS a) Discuss suggestions Church Lane (by traffic lights) not draining any better after roadworks have been completed – this has been reported to Highways via Fixmystreet Action: North bound bus stop footpath flooding A607 - report on fix my street if not done already and ideally take photo to show issue better. T/D 28 Feb 2022 Cllr Norman

16/1 QUEENS PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS a) Update from the Clerk See minutes sent out from QPJ Village Meeting

17/1 LIGHTING a) Discuss provider changes Agreed to review later in the year as at this time there are currently no options to switch to a cheaper provider Action: Write to LCC to enquire about costs for LCC to take on ownership for Village streetlights. T/D 28 Feb 2022 Clerk

18/1 MEETING DATES 2022-2023

a) Agree dates for 2022-2023 Dates agreed as sent out by Clerk b) Agree APM date Action: Check dates in May 2022 with HMH for a separate APM meeting after the 17th May 2022, ideally the Wednesday or Thursday on the same week. (Mtg needs to be before 1st June)


a) Church Lane Traffic

b) Anti-Social Behaviour at the Viewpoint

c) SpID Update

d) Footpaths & Litter Picking

e) Village Well Repair

f) Dog Bins Installation

g) Play area – Fence status & equipment safety checks

h) Sign updated Standing Orders to allow for internet Banking

i) Queens Platinum Jubilee update


The next meeting will be Tuesday 15th March 2022 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 10.23pm Chair: Date:

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of council proceedings until they are approved and signed at a future Parish Council meeting.