March 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

held via Zoom (due to Covid-19 Restrictions)

on Tuesday 16th March 2021 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT: Cllr M Jones, Cllr I Edgar, Cllr B Hamilton, Cllr P Wallace, Cllr E Stockbridge Sime, Cllr I Norman, D Cllr M Overton, D Cllr L Hagues, PC Matt Roberts, Mrs H Jones (Clerk)



Apologies were received from Cllr J Graham-Walker



Cllrs B Hamilton, I Norman and E Stockbridge Sime declared an interest on item 9/3, regarding the Thorold Arms Cllr B Hamilton regarding the village sign in item 6/3.


3/3 OPEN FORUM There were no members of the public present at the meeting.



a) Local Police Newsletter was received and shared prior to the meeting. PC Matt Roberts reported on how local crime has resulted in arrests and the involvement of the CPS. PC Matt Roberts reported that there have been no dog thefts in Lincolnshire, but that he recommends that owners chip their dogs and keep them secure.

b) District Councillor Newsletter was received and shared prior to the meeting. D Cllr L Hague also shared details of the NK 10-year plan.

c) County Councillor Newsletter was received and shared prior to the meeting. D Cllr M Overton explained that Cluster meeting had been replaced with Covid projects, but that the Cluster could be reintroduced if there was a need. Progress has been made on projects focussing on mental health first aid.



Cllr I Norman proposed, and Cllr P Wallace seconded, and the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish held on 26th January 2021 were approved.


6/3 VILLAGE SIGN The Village Sign Committee (VSC) have now chosen a new location for the sign. Cllr P Wallace suggested that the VSC check to see if they need planning permission as the location is in a conservation area. The VSC have asked if the HPC will insure the sign. Cllr I Edgar proposed, Cllr I Norman seconded, and it was agreed by all that the HPC would provide insurance for the sign. Cllr B Hamilton will feed back these discussions to the VSC. ACTION: BH



1. Precept form sent 28.1.21(copy sent to PC) (see attached Schedule 1) emailed

2. Email to highways to inform them of the area on Church Lane (as per Jenny Bailey’s at NKDCs instructions) sent emailed

3. Jenny Bailey NKDC informed of issues on Vicarage Lane emailed

4. Resident involved in accident notified of work carried out

5. Resident updated re Ultrafast Broadband E-mail: Website:

6. Resident letter re lights and speed device sent to highways, and resident informed of action

7. Planning applications responded to via planning portal

8. Response sent to Auborn/Haddington re planning application

9. Letter drafted to Chair of Sign committe, approved by PC and sent emailed

10. HPC signed up to the Nextdoor App

11. Salvation Army donation of £100 sent, thank you email shared with PC

12. Donations of £480.00 for grass cutting and £1,000.00 towards the cost of clock face repairs, sent to All Saints Church, Harmston

13. Adapted format of clerks Report and adapted format of Finance Report set up for new website emailed

14. Website training attended

15. Log on for new website obtained and password log set up (password has to be changed very 4 weeks)

16. Planning Applications forwarded to PC emailed

17. Update on recycling centers shared with PC, added to website and both noticeboards emailed

18. EON maintenance invoice paid

19. Meeting Dates for 2021/22 added to website and noticeboards

20. Registered Harmston for Ultra-Fast Broadband using Clerk’s home address Emailed

21. Email from resident re play area responded to and passed on to HPC Emailed

22. Email from HPA management re parking responded to and passed on to HPC Emailed

23. Reports/newsletters from Police, D Cllr Overton and D Cllr Hagues forwarded Emailed

24. Action Play and Leisure chased re repairs at the play area

25. Response re Ultra-Fast Broadband shared with PC Emailed

26. Noticeboards updated

27. Meeting dates checked with HMH – alterations pending Emailed

28. Finance and Clerk Reports completed and sent to PC Emailed

29. Planning application updates shared with PC Emailed

30. SPID device located in Coleby Emailed

31. Relevant newsletters, reports and emails shared with PC Emailed

32. Police, D Cllr Overton and D Cllr Hagues invited to the next meeting – agenda and zoom link sent

33. Methodical check of new website nearly complete

34. New website updated with agenda for March and meeting notes for January 2021 and November 2020

35. Road closures shared with PC Emailed

36. LCC contacted regarding Council Tax rates for 2021-2022 Emailed



a) HPC Financial Report for March 2021




11/02/2021 VOID       984    
11/02/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Salary 381.79 985 Jan Wages  16/02/2021
11/02/2021 Harmston VCC   Donations 480.00 986 Grass cutting 09/03/2021
11/02/2021 Harmston VCC   Section 137 1,000.00 987 Clock repairs 09/03/2021
11/02/2021 Salvation Army   Donations 100.00 988 Christmas donation 10/03/2021
03/03/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Office 45.00 989 Dec/Jan/Feb office costs  
03/03/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Expenses 18.12 990 1st & 2nd class stamps  
03/03/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Salary 334.72 991 Feb Wages  
      Total Expenditure 2,359.63      


APRIL H.jones 418.40 March wages (5 week  month)

b) To consider payments to be paid There were no outstanding payments.

The appointment of two more signatories for the HPC account was discussed. Cllr P Wallace and Cllr I Norman are happy to assume this role. This was proposed by Cllr P Wallace, seconded by Cllr I Norman, and agreed by all. Clerk to organise. ACTION: CLERK



a) TREE WORKS There were no tree works applications to consider


20/1434/VARCON The Thorold Arms The flue is currently facing in the wrong direction, into the neighbouring properties garden and window. A letter has been received by this resident requesting the HPC look into the planning of this. Cllr B Hamilton was able to clarify that Tapco are currently looking into how to resolve the issues, and have commissioned a new noise survey. The flue was redirected as the new silencer would not fit once the slats had been added. The HPC discussed the need for the planning permission to be followed. It was agreed that feedback be given via the planning portal to ask Tapco to consider the direction of the flue, and request it be directed over the field. Cllr Jones will draft a response which will be shared with the HPC for approval before submitting on the planning portal. Cllr Hamilton (as a member of Tapco) will keep the HPC up to date. ACTION: BH

21/0087/HOUS 28 Church Lane A suggestion from the resident of this property was discussed.

21/0002/HOUS School House, School Lane After discussions, it was agreed that the HPC would add a comment to the planning portal drawing attention to the lantern roof, questioning that it doesn’t seem appropriate for a listed building, nor is it in keeping with the age of the building, and suggesting that existing pantiles be reused. Cllr Jones to draft and share with the PC before submitting on the planning portal. ACTION: MJ

21/0003/LBC School House, School Lane

21/0133/LBC School House, School Lane 

20/1599/HOUS – application has been approved



a) Repairs The clerk continues to chase the company from which the play area equipment was bought. It was agreed that if they did not undertake the work within 4 weeks, that a competitor would be asked to carry out the works.

b) Play Area Permission has been granted from Mr Sowerby to erect a sign listing rules of use of the play area. The clerk has a draft and list of suppliers, these need to be resent to the HPC via email. ACTION: CLERK .

c) Parking There has been a complaint regarding parking on the road near the play area. The Clerk has looked into the records, and these show that the roads are still owned by Mr Sowerby. It was suggested that signage requesting not to park on the grass be proposed to Mr Sowerby, Cllr I Norman proposed, and Cllr M Jones seconded, and it was agreed by all. Clerk to email. ACTION: CLERK

d) Fence Quote has been received, and work should begin at the start of May. The bench bought in remembrance of Cllr Frances Mansakker will be located in the play area.



a) Viking Way We are still awaiting documentation

b) Pavement hazards The pavement in question has been repaired.

c) Post lockdown check of village pathways Cllr J Graham Walker (via email) suggested that a check of pathways be carried out around the village. It was agreed that the PC be vigilant on walks and use Fix My Street to report any findings. ACTION: ALL



a) Road traffic issues It as agreed that these would be addressed following lockdown.

b) SPID The unit has been located. Location has been informally approved, Clerk to seek formal authority. Clerk to attain brackets for installation, in preparation for the device. D Cllr Overton clarified the order in which the unit should be shared: it should travel from BBH through the cliff villages included. Therefore, Harmston should be next. ACTION: CLERK



Current bulbs are now no longer available moving forward. Therefore, each bulb will need to be changed to LEDs at a cost of £315.00 for a new bracket and bulb. Specifications need to be obtained and a plan implemented for ongoing change. There is already such an LED bulb in the village which would provide an example of the light the new LEDs would provide. HPC need to take a moment to observe this. ACTION: ALL 31 lights need changing in total, which should save 67% on the electricity bill. Cllr P Wallace will check old minutes for further information. ACTION: PW


14/3 WELL

a) To discuss the condition of the well Photographs of the well were examined and it was agreed it looked sound, with perhaps the uprights needing some treating.

b) To discuss well options Cllr I Norman will investigate which products would be most suitable and sympathetic to use. ACTION: IN



a) To discuss holding bi-monthly or monthly meetings A discussion was held in relation to the length of meetings, as to whether to move to more regular meetings as required. Cllr P Wallace proposed to have 2 monthly meeting for May and July, and to then make a decision. Cllr E Stockbridge Sime seconded this. All agreed. D Cllr M Overton is currently lobbying for PCs to be able to meet remotely where appropriate.

b) Meetings following 7th May 2021 (post covid restrictions) Meetings are provisionally booked for the year at Harmston Memorial Hall.E-mail: Website: A decision regarding May’s meeting will be made by Cllr M Jones, as it has been suggested the annual meeting be held separately. ACTION: MJ



Cllr I Norman and Cllr P Wallace have been investigating attaining fast broadband for Harmston. The village has now been registered for fast broadband. This will now need promoting through a leaflet drop/website/Facebook etc. There is a cost if we go ahead, and therefore specific addresses are needed to see who is interested/happy to pay a fee. Sample pricing would be beneficial. Cllr I Norman and Cllr P Wallace will create a draft flier which will be discussed at the next meeting. ACTION: IN/PW



It was agreed that planters would be placed at the play area and at the viewing point. Clerk to look into suitable planters and their cost. ACTION: CLERK




Play area


Planters (Sunflowers)



The next meeting will be Tuesday 18th May 2021 – venue to be announced, pending pandemic restrictions Nature of meeting, and possible additional date to be announced. Cllr L Hague has passed on her apologies ahead of the next meeting.


There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.45pm


Chair:                                                                          Date: 


Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of council proceedings until they are approved and signed at a future Parish Council meeting.