July 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of Harmston Parish Council

held at The Memorial Hall, Harmston on Tuesday 20th July 2021 at 7.30 pm

PRESENT: Cllr M Jones, Cllr P Wallace Cllr B Hamilton, Cllr I Norman, Cllr J Graham-Walker, D Cllr M Overton, Cllr I Carrington, Mrs H Jones (Clerk)


Apologies were received from D Cllr Lucille Hagues, Cllr E Stockbridge Sime


Cllr B Hamilton regarding the village sign in item 13/7b.


There were no members of the public present at the meeting, wishing to speak.

4/7 TO APPROVE THE NOTES OF THE LAST MEETING Cllr P Wallace proposed and Cllr J Graham-Walker seconded, and all agreed, and the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish held on 18th May 2021 were approved. Staffing Committee notes were accepted for the records.


a) Local Police Newsletter was received and shared prior to the meeting.

b) District Councillor Newsletter was received and shared prior to the meeting from D Councillor L Hagues. D Cllr M Overton announced the public meeting scheduled for Monday 16th August, 7pm at the Venue, Navenby, to discuss the Local Plan blueprint. Cllr Overton stressed the importance of the meeting and for the PC to share their opinions via the online consultation. ACTION: ALL Clerk to reshare the appropriate email. ACTION: HJ Cllr Overton also discussed a scheme focussing on gifts for those living alone. Clerk to forward Christmas list. ACTION: HJ Regarding the village lights, Cllr Overton suggested the Clerk contact the Clerk at Coleby for details of their recent light renewal programme. ACTION: HJ

c) County Councillor newly elected County Councillor Ian Carrington introduced himself to the PC. He suggested a walk around the village be organised with himself, the Clerk, Chair and any other members, to give him an overview of what Harmston needs. Cllr Jones thanked D Cllr Carrington and agreed this would be a very productive meeting.

6/7 Annual Parish Meeting Clerk to draft a notice explaining that the APM has been cancelled and giving reasons why, and to request that residents share any ideas they may have for the village. The notice should also invite residents to the next meeting. ACTION: HJ


1. Comments added to planning portal for 21/0474/HOUS, 21/0676/FUL, 21/0689/HOUS

2. Posters for APM made and distributed via Coleby School, Facebook Page/Harmston Community Page, Website, Graffoe Link and noticeboards

3. Graffoe Link article written and submitted (with APM poster) for July edition

4. Insurance organised and paid for 2021-2022 – relevant documents shared and filed E-mail: clerk@harmston.info Website: http://harmston.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk

5. Website updated

6. Filing

7. AGAR submitted

8. AGAR documents added to the website and noticeboards

9. Time sheet submitted, payslip generated, and wages paid for May & June for H Jones

10. Reports from local representatives shared

11. APM organised

12. Representatives chased for reports for APM

13. Planning permissions shared with PC and added to Planning Permission Log

14. Process of signatories being altered with Lloyds Bank ongoing

15. Resignation sent to NKDC from Cllr Edgar

16. Declaration of acceptance of office sent to NKDC for Cllr Jones and Cllr Wallace

17. HPC website updated with HPC information (via NKDC)

18. Updated list of Harmston Parish councillors added to both noticeboards

19. LALC annual membership paid

20. E.ON maintenance paid

21. Collection SPiD device chased

22. Noticeboards updated

23. Legalities of APM/covid restrictions investigated

24. Play Inspection Company annual inspection awaiting confirmation

25. Grab a Jab initiative added to the website

26. APM cancelled – website updated, FB updated, local groups emailed, sign in noticeboards updated

27. SpID device location approval chased

28. Clerk Report, Financial Report and Agenda prepared for next meeting and shared with PC

29. Relevant emails from LALC etc shared with PC

30. Toner and stationery ordered

31. Proposed repairs from E-ON shared with the PC and costs calculated

32. Cliff Carnival Flag project shared with PC and added to agenda

33. LALC and D Councillor L Hague contacted for information on holding the APM and PMs

34. SpID site permission granted, and insurance document sent to Graeme Butler

35. Coleby contacted to arrange collection of devise and bracket

36. Email to Coleby to organise a schedule for the parishes still in the SpID device scheme, to ensure a fair and consistent sharing of the devise

37. Process started with NKDC for advertising vacancy

38. Email sent to Harmston Park Avenue Management to arrange a meeting with Mr Sowerby

39. Cheque book balanced and financial spreadsheet up to date

40. Information regarding, and examples of Neighbourhood Plans shared with PC

41. Permission granted for SpID device

42. Light reported to NKDC

43. Footpath reported to Jenny Bailey and a check/clean requested  


a) HPC Financial Report for July 2021

b) To consider payments to be paid There were no outstanding payments.


a) TREE WORKS 21/1025/TCA The Cottage, Church Lane

21/0983/TCA Harmston Memorial Hall

b) PLANNING 21/0820/HOUS 22 Harmston Park Avenue

No comments to make on any of the above applications

Treasurers Account Balance July meeting 2021: £28,463.14 

01/07/2021 H. Jones   Clerk salary 334.72 1005 June (4 weeks) 02.07.2021
16/06/2021 LALC 11093 Subscriptions/donations 225.85 1004 Annual Membership 08.07.2021
10/06/2021 E.ON 106063 E.ON MAINTENANCE 138.02 1003 Street Light Maintenance Apr/May/June  
01/06/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Salary 334.72 1002 May (4 weeks) 02/06.2021
27/05/2021 H. Jones   Clerk Office 45.00 1001 May/April/March 02.06.2021
27/05/2021 H. Jones   Clerk expenses 25.31 1000 Stationery 02.06.2021
20/05/2021 B. Solly   Audit 40.00 999 Internal Audit for AGAR 07.06.2021
20/05/2021 Came & Company   Insurance 687.15 998 Annual Fee 18.06.2021
20/05/2021 D. West   Village Maintenance 140.00 997 Mar-May litter picking/play equipment  08.06.2021
      Total expenditure £1,970.77      

Pending Payments

JULY H. JONES 418.40 July wages (5 weeks)



a) General Update Clerk and Chair have been trying to contact Mr Sowerby to discuss several issues. Chair has suggested a site meeting, which has been refused. Letter to be drafted sharing the PC’s perspective with Mr Sowerby. Planning regulations need to be considered. It was agreed that the Clerk to continue with maintenance and safety checks in the interim.

b) HPC Contribution If the PC continue to manage the park, they will need to consider budget constraints. This decision will be revisited pending the response to the letter to be sent to Mr Sowerby.

c) Parking Parking issue to be added to the aforementioned letter. Suggest additional parking spaces and signs re safe parking

d) Sign Cllr J Graham-Walker has quotes for boards, however this will be addressed after the fence has been erected.

11/7 SpID

a) Site approval and device installation Full approval has now been gained for the location of the SPiD device. The devise is currently in Coleby and the Clerk has been trying to arrange collection. Clerk to chase again. ACTION: HJ


a) Consider notification from E-ON PC considered an email from E-ON outlining lights that need urgent repair, and the confirmation that existing bulbs are no longer available, and that therefore ALL lights will need changing in the near future. Clerk to speak to Coleby Clerk urgently regarding their new lighting scheme, and feedback asap. ACTION: HJ Need to consider if all lights are still required, and the brightness of bulbs. MJ proposed and PW seconded, and it was agreed by all that the urgent repairs be carried out at the cost indicated on the E-ON email.


a) To consider the invitation to the ‘Flag project’ and agree on a contribution After considering the event, Cllr Norman proposed and Cllr Hamilton seconded, and it was agreed by all that a donation of £100 be given towards this community event and flag.

b) Village Sign Cllr Hamilton explained that due to the sign now being erected in the grounds of the Memorial Hall, the Memorial Hall will insure the sign, therefore the PC no longer need to add the sign to their insurance as previously agreed.


a) To discuss the installation on Harmston Park Avenue The new broadband has now been installed on Harmston Park Avenue only. However, it has been brought to the PCs attention that there is currently a Government Fund available at £1500.00 per property. The church side of the village may need overhead wiring.

b) To discuss future plans for Broadband Cllr Norman and Cllr Wallace will continue to look into this. Cllr Norman to send details to the Clerk to share on the PC website and Facebook account to garner community support. ACTION: PW, IN, HJ


a) To consider and agree the frequency of future meetings The PC considered having either monthly meetings or bimonthly meetings. A range of pros and cons were discussed. 3 members would struggle to attend monthly meetings. The Clerk suggested a subcommittee be made from those happy to meet monthly. This committee could use this time to monitor the village on walks, assessing any works that needed doing, that they could then feedback at the next meeting where decisions could be made. It was also agreed that extraordinary meetings could be called when needed. Cllr Jones proposed that meetings remain every other month, with the option of calling extraordinary meetings when needed, and the formation of a subcommittee for village monitoring. Cllr Norman seconded this, and it was agreed by all.


Play area (fence/sign/parking)

Sub Committee

SpID Planters (Sunflowers)




The next meeting will be Tuesday 21st September 2021 at the Memorial Hall, Harmston

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.43pm

Chair: Date:

Please be advised that these are notes of the meeting taken by the Clerk and cannot in any way be regarded as the official minutes of council proceedings until they are approved and signed at a future Parish Council meeting.