January 2020 Agenda


Chair: Cllr John Martin-Hoyes. Vice-Chair: Cllr M Jones.

Councillors: Cllr Iain Edgar, Cllr Brian Hamilton, Cllr Paul Wallace, Cllr M Shepherd.

Dear Councillor,

Notice is hereby given for your attendance at the next meeting of Harmston Parish Council, on Tuesday the 21st of January 2020 commencing at 7.30pm in Harmston Memorial Hall, School Lane, Harmston. The business to be dealt with at the meeting is listed in the agenda.

There will be a 15 minute public forum between 7.30pm & 7.45pm when members of the public may ask questions or make short statements to the Council.

Hayley Keeling
Clerk to Harmston Parish Council



1. Open Forum (15 Minutes)

2. Apologies for absence and acceptance of reasons given

3. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011

Members of the Parish Council are required to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have in any matter which is to be considered at this meeting.

In addition, any private or personal non-pecuniary interest in a matter to be considered at this meeting should also be declared (unless it is insignificant or one which is shared with other members of the public generally as a Council Tax payer or an inhabitant of the area).

4. To approve the notes of the last meeting held on 19th of November 2019 and the Chairman to sign the official minutes. - Copy attached

5. Reports of Representatives

To receive reports from the following:

a) Local Police

b) District Councillor

c) County Councillor

6. Clerks report – To consider the clerks report - Copy attached

7. Financial Matters

a) To approve the Statement of Account

b) To consider a list of payments made in-between meetings.

c) To consider payments to be made at the meeting.

d) To consider the petty cash report November / December.

e) To finalise a preliminary budget & precept for year 2020-21 and to factor in any expected increases/costs.

f) To request an invoice for the defibrillator. - Copy attached

8. Planning

Tree Works

a) 20/0010/TCA - T1 Bay Fell – Ophira, Chapel Lane, Harmston

The following planning applications were received:

b) 19/1582/HOUS Shepherds Cottage Church Lane Harmston.

c) 19/1589/FUL The Thorald Arms High Street Harmston.

The following planning decisions were noted:

d) 19/0585/HOUS Bottom House Chapel Lane Harmston – Refused.

e) 19/1582/HOUS Shepherds Cottage Church Lane Harmston – Approved.

f) Change of house name from The Annexe at The Old Garth to Cabbage Hall, Chapel Lane, Harmston – Approved.

9a. Planning

To consider & receive updates on planning application:

19/1085/FUL Pig Fattening Unit

10. Traffic and speeding within the Village

a) To receive any updates on the PC application to the LCC Speedwatch Scheme.

b) To receive any updates on the Cliff Cluster SID device and deployment.

c) To receive any updates on traffic and speeding through the village.

11. Village Sign.

a) To receive any updates on the project, location and additional fundraising by the Group.

12. Allotments

a) To receive updates on possible locations & correspondence with potential landowners considering how land may be obtained.

13. Memorial Bench for the late Cllr F Mannsaker (Chair)

a) To consider & approve a date & exact location for the memorial bench to be erected.

14. Harmston Play Area –

a) To consider the operational report received from The Play Inspection Company LTD.

b) To consider the cost of supplying, fitting & maintaining a picket fence around the play area. - Emailed

16. Cliff Cluster

a) To review the latest Cliff Cluster (CC) Meeting on January 15th 2020 from the PC representative.

b) To consider any issues which should be brought to the attention of the CC.

17. Matters to be raised at the next Meeting.

a) To consider matters to be raised at the next meeting.

b) To consider dates for the May meeting to comply with Election timetables. (A meeting must take place within 14 days of the election date.)

18. Date for the next meeting

Tuesday 17th March 2020, Harmston Memorial Hall, 7:30pm.