Dog waste bins

Do you know the potential dangers of leaving dog waste near cattle or humans?

Firstly a HUGE thank you to our many thoughtful dog owners who clean up their dogs mess when enjoying walks throughout Harmston  Your diligence is much appreciated - keeping pathways of all varieties clean, safe and pleasant for all to enjoy.

Recently however, it has been brought to our attention that not all dog waste is being collected, and it is being left on both paths and fields.

Did you know that leaving dog mess behind in areas where there is cattle, can have huge health risks?

Thank you to a concerned resident for sharing this information, which we hope will inform those currently not bagging and binnning their dogs mess when taking walks.

Have you heard of Toxocariasis...?

What is toxocariasis?

Toxocariasis is an infection transmitted from animals to humans (zoonosis) caused by the parasitic roundworms commonly found in the intestine of dogs"

How can I get toxocariasis?

Dogs and cats that are infected with Toxocara can shed Toxocara eggs in their feces. Adults and children can become infected by accidentally swallowing dirt that has been contaminated with dog or cat feces that contain infectious Toxocara eggs. 

What are the clinical manifestations of toxocariasis?

Many people who are infected with Toxocara do not have symptoms and do not ever get sick. Some people may get sick from the infection and may develop the following:

  • Ocular toxocariasis: Ocular toxocariasis occurs when Toxocara larvae migrate to the eye. Symptoms and signs of ocular toxocariasis include vision loss, eye inflammation or damage to the retina. Typically, only one eye is affected.
  • Visceral toxocariasis: Visceral toxocariasis occurs when Toxocara larvae migrate to various body organs, such as the liver or central nervous system. Symptoms of visceral toxocariasis include fever, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, or abdominal pain."

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A link to read as everyone should be aware:

There are 5 dog waste bins throughout the village, detailed in the attached poster, 

Please only use these bins (and not the rubbish bins) for dog waste, as they specifically located so as to not be unpleasant for neighbouring houses.

Published: Wednesday, 24th April 2024