Message from RAF Waddington

RAF Waddington will host Exercise Cobra Warrior 23-2 (Ex CW 23-2) between 28 August and 29 September and as the local community, we understand the importance of keeping you informed of some actions we are taking to ensure that RAF Waddington and the surrounding communities are aware the Exercise. As we approach the start of the exercise, my Plans team and I are working with the local authorities and our Partner Nations to ensure any impacts are minimised.



Traffic flow in and out of RAF Waddington will increase for the duration of the exercise which may lead to some roads being busier in the surrounding area. We continue to work with the local authorities and the police to ensure that measures are put into place to reduce the risk to pedestrians and motorists. Traffic management will be in place on several roads around RAF Waddington, including (but not limited to), Bloxholm Lane, White Lane, Mere Road, Tower Lane and the A15.


Aviation Enthusiasts

Each year, Ex CW attracts many visitors to RAF Waddington. While mostly self policed, we understand the impact that enthusiasts may have on the local community, including increasing congestion on surrounding roads. We continue to work with the local authorities, traffic management team and the police to ensure that any visitors are suitably informed and the necessary precautions are taken to minimise the risk.



We encourage everyone to remain vigillent now and throughout Ex CW, and should anything not look right, you should inform the police.


Ex CW 23-2 has the mission ‘to safely execute training to develop the tactical skills of all participating, aircrew and supporting tactical elements within a COMAO environment,’ and as such, Ex CW 23-2 is truly international in nature. Participation in the exercise includes a significant international contingent and provides valuable opportunities for all participating Force Elements. We are proud to be able to host Ex CW at RAF Waddington and we thank you for your continued understanding.


Finally, we understand that during the lead up to the commencement of the exercise, and throughout its delivery, there may be some questions that you wish to raise on behalf of your community. Please send any correspondence to 


Published: Wednesday, 23rd August 2023