Response from HLM Property

Following the erection of new signage at the playing field in Harmston yesterday, a great number of residents shared their disappointment with the PC.  The field is not owned by the Parish Council, and the signs were erected without their knowledge or input.  Therefore the PC reached out to the company that manage the field, who have sent the following response, which is shared with their permission:

Please pass on my apologies for any harm or distress that this may have caused these people or any other residents.

The 'new' signage should only have replaced the rules which were there previously, not adding any new rules or changing the use of the field. It was the owners thoughts after a recent visit that the signage was looking old and worn and needed renewing.

It is not our intention to change people's use of the field and it should be enjoyed...

I hope the above is helpful and again I apologise for any distress or upset of which this may have caused.


We are awaiting notification of what will be changed and when.



Published: Wednesday, 9th March 2022