February 2024 Agenda

Harmston Parish Council

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Council,

on Tuesday 20th February 2024

to be held at The Memorial Hall, Harmston

The business to be dealt with at the meeting is listed in the agenda

There will be a 15-minute public forum between 7.30 and 7.45 when members of the public may ask questions or make short statements to the Council, and your attendance is also requested during this period.


1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE and acceptance of reasons given

2 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST under the Localism Act 2011 Members of the Parish Council are required to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have in any matter which is to be considered at this meeting. In addition, any private or personal non-pecuniary interest in a matter to be considered at this meeting should also be declared (unless it is insignificant or one which is shared with other members of the public generally as a Council Tax payer or an inhabitant of the area).

3 REPORTS TO THE REPRESENTATIVES To receive reports from the following:

a) Local Police (PC 1293 Matt Roberts)

b) County Councillor

c) District Councillors (Emailed)

4 TO APPROVE THE NOTES OF THE LAST MEETING held on 16th January 2024 and the Chairman to sign the official minutes

5 CLERKS REPORT To consider the clerks report (emailed)


a) To consider the Financial Overview for 2023-2024 to date (emailed)

b) VAT Report

c) To consider the Financial Report for January 2024

d) Monies to be paid

e) HPC Accounts file to monitored and log signed

7 PLANNING APPLICATIONS The following planning applications need to be noted:


24/0148/TCA Bay Tree House, Chapel Lane

24/0149/TCA Long Rideg, Chapel Lane

24/0151/TPO The Old Garth, Chapel Lane


8 MEETING DATES 2024-2025

View and approve proposed dates for meetings/hall hire


To review and approve risk assessment for meetings in the hall

10 POLICIES To review and approve new Safe Guarding Policy, and review and approve updated Complaints Policy

11 FIXED ASSET REGISTER To review and approve update Fixed Asset Register

12 E-ON MAINTENANCE CHARGE Clerk to share information gathered as an action from January’s meeting

13 D-DAY COMMEMORATIONS Clerk to share responses from local groups regarding commemorations in June 2024

14 LITTER PICKER The Litter Picker needs somewhere to dispose of litter collected – agree on locations

15 DATE OF NEXT MEETING Next Parish Council Meeting: Tuesday 19th March 2024, to be held at The Memorial Hall, Harmston